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Fencing Woodcare
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Owatrol Aquadecks
Waterborne Saturating finish for all woods. Properties Water based Apply direct to new or..
Owatrol Aquanett
Properties Removes teak and other oils from all woods blackened by UV rays. Gel consistenc..
Owatrol Dilunett
Properties Does not contain solvent or paraffin – non flammable. Strips waxes, varnish..
Owatrol DSP 800 Multi-Purpose Stripper
DSP 800 is a powerful, ‘Dichloromethane’ free multi-purpose stripper, for the removal of..
Owatrol H4 Wood
H4 Wood is a colourless, waterproof protection for wood which allows it to age naturally and tur..
Owatrol N4 Multi-Surface Cleaner
N4 Multi-Surface Cleaner is a gentle, non-aggressive multi-surface cleaner with powerful degreas..
Owatrol Net-Trol
Net-Trol is a powerful wood cleaner and brightener which restores greyed and weathered wood to its n..
Owatrol Sanixyl
Sanixyl is an insecticide and fungicide which is effective for up to 10 years. It cures and preven..
Owatrol Seasonite
Seasonite is Owatrol’s ground breaking product for protecting new wood during its most vulnera..
Owatrol Shed & Fence Paint
Owatrol’s Shed & Fence Paint is an all-in-one opaque wood protection and finish designed..
Owatrol Textrol
Textrol is a penetrating wood oil finish for exterior softwood and hardwood on both horizontal and v..
Owatrol Textrol HES
Textrol HES is a one-coat, penetrating oil finish for softwoods and European hardwoods. It has ..
Owatrol Tropitech
Tropitech ‘All in One’ is a premium quality 100% semi-transparent acrylic finish, which ..
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