Cedar Shingle as used in roofing materials and ideal for UK roofing projects.

Our Cedar Shingle is all ecologically renew-ably sourced and is of the highest quality. By virtue of being knot free and having been checked thoroughly for any defects it remains one the highest quality, low priced roof shingle available on the UK market today.

For more detail about the quality of the cedar please look at our cedar detail on the other pages.

The cedar shingle is supplied straight to your door and by arrangement.

Cedar shingle is becoming more popular as an architectural feature on many homes and conversions in particular. Cedar is a hard wearing wood that can retain its beauty for many years if treated well and often. Our Cedar Shingles are treated but can be pre-treated with a number of optional coatings including fire retardant coatings according to your local building regulations.

To determine how many Cedar Shingle tiles you will need for any roof project use the following formula:

Measure from the bottom of the of the roof up to the peak and then the full width. Multiply the two measurements together and that will give you the area to be covered.


If you are working on a contoured or multi-levelled roof then work in sections and add up the areas.

So if your roof is 10 metres x 4 metres it has an area of 40 sq metres.

Our Western Red Cedar Roof Shingles are 350mm x 400mm which works out at roughly 7.5 shingles per sq metre.

Cedar Shingle roof will last for about 20 to 30 years, sometimes longer if well maintained and in secluded areas.

One of the most important aspect of a Cedar Shingle roof is that the material is sourced from renewable sources and offers superior insulation far more so than any other roofing product while also offering superior ventilation qualities which uniquely make Cedar Shingles warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.